Sleeping Right While Traveling for the Holidays

by Waverly Wilde

Holiday travel can be tons of fun, but it can also wear you out quickly if you don’t prepare right. From flying, driving, and bussing all over the world, to sleeping in strange beds, travel can take a toll, and sleep is the first casualty of a stressful journey. But, there are ways to protect your precious sleep and get a soothing snooze no matter where you are. Follow these tips to keep your sleep on track, even if you’re far from the beaten path!


Stay on Schedule

If you’re switching time zones, try to get acclimated as fast as possible. Don’t let yourself nap the day away – instead, get up at your usual time (in this time zone) and get going bright and early. Plan fun adventures to keep you from crawling back into bed after your alarm goes off.

When bedtime rolls around, don’t party all night either – staying up late will just make it harder to shake off the effects of jet lag! If you’re not feeling sleepy, try taking some melatonin or another gentle sleep aid (be sure to consult your doctor first) and stay away from TV and computer screens, which can make it harder to relax your brain.


Hydration is Key

Your first impulse while travelling might be to guzzle coffee and energy drinks, but actually these caffeinated drinks can be dehydrating, which makes you sleepier in the long run. Sipping water is the best way to stay perky during the day and to get a good night’s rest when you arrive at your destination.

Similarly, some people swear by their evening “night cap” or glass of wine, but alcohol can actually keep you from getting to bed on time and make your sleep less restful when you finally do. Skip the sleep inducing or reducing beverages and stick to plain old water – you’ll feel more energized and recover from your travels much faster!


Home Away from Home

Sleeping on an unfamiliar bed in a room that’s likely been slept in by strangers can throw you off balance. Everything from the firmness of the mattress to the smell of the room can make it harder to get rested. So, bring some favorite items with you from home to give your new space a personal touch.

A favorite, super-comfy pillow (like memory foam or gel) can help soothe you to sleep, and a blanket from home can make your new surroundings feel less strange! If you’re worried about hotel-room germs, you might even think about bringing your own duvet to stay clean and cozy while you sleep. Try spraying a soothing aromatherapy concoction or setting out a picture of your pup to make your room feel more inviting and lull you to sleep.

If you really want to max out your comfort, be sure to get a new pillow from us before you leave! We have all the sleep accessories you need to keep the comforts of home with you anywhere you go, and when you can’t control the quality of your mattress, a comfy pillow or even a portable mattress topper should be the next place you turn to get a restful night’s sleep.


Come Prepared

Chances are, you’re going to be facing some distractions when you sleep away from home. Whether it’s your cousin’s hyperactive kids, cars honking outside the hotel, or early morning sunshine from eastern-facing windows, you’re likely to face a whole host of obstacles trying to keep you from getting the best night of sleep possible. Begin your trip prepared with a few sleep-enhancing basics like ear plugs, an eye mask, noise cancelling headphones, and some relaxing music or meditation guides. This can prepare you for noisy and light sleeping conditions, so that your holidays can still be merry and bright!


With these tips, you’ll be sleeping soundly no matter where you’re spending your holidays. If you’ve got holiday travel planned and you still need some guidance on staying well-rested, come visit our store and talk to one of our helpful associates! We offer everything you need to help you catch some extra Z’s while you travel, and keep you sleeping soundly year-round. You can find everything you need for a restful night no matter where you are, so you can drift easily to dreamland every night. Sweet dreams!