Fix Your Sagging Mattress and Other Tips

by May Fitzgerald

Mattresses are supposed to be magical places. When you get home from work, flop down on them and let all your worries float away, you should be comfortable. Safe. Warm. Happy. And again, most of all, comfortable.

Sometimes though, that just isn’t always the case. Mattresses can sag and get worn out, which can lead to discomfort and less than ideal sleep. And that’s not just something you should have to deal with night after sleepless night.

So, to try to help you out – and bring the magic back to your mattress – here are some tips to fix your sagging problem, along with a few other bonus mattress-care tips. With these, your mattress will be back to its old self, and you’ll be back to your old, well-rested self, too!

Top o’ the Morning

There’s one quick and easy way to fill out your mattress: Get a mattress pad or topper. This will help even out the surface of your bed, and depending on the type you get, can also add some more comfort, as well!

Of course, this requires going out and getting the additional topper for your mattress, but that can at least buy you some time before you have to get a brand new one.

That Spring Thing

There could be a specific culprit that is responsible for your deflated and muddled mattress, a thief who likes to slink around in the night when you aren’t expecting anything.

No, not the Hamburglar. Your springs. If you are using a spring mattress, it’s possible that one – or multiple – of the springs is damaged. You can replace these springs, and that should help give you a new spring in your step, and some support back.

Stopping the Sag Drag

Of course, there’s an easy way to fix sagging mattresses – prevent it from happening in the first place! An ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure, and some simple steps can help keep your mattress in shape and sag-free.

First, mattress rotation is key. Especially if you sleep on the same side of the bed every night, you really want to make sure to flip and rotate your mattress every three months. If you share a bed with your partner, you should also rotate which side of the bed each of you sleep on, so that your bed wears more evenly.

Also, avoid walking or sitting on your bed when you aren’t sleeping. This can put extra strain on your mattress as well, and everything you can do to help your mattress last longer is only going to help you keep your quality of sleep better.

Of course, sometimes a mattress has run its course, and no matter what you do you just can’t get it back into good shape. Don’t worry – that’s where we come in! Stop on it today and try out our large selection of mattresses, and we’ll make sure you leave with one that you’ll just love to sleep on.