How to Properly Make a Bed in 5 Steps

by Product Specialist IV

How to Properly Make a Bed in 5 Steps

How to Properly Make a Bed in 5 Steps

At some point in your life, you probably learned to make a bed. Maybe a parent taught you, or maybe you just figured it out yourself. It could be that you don’t even know how to make a bed. According to, a whopping 59% of people don’t make their bed in the morning. Is it because they don’t know how or because they just don’t want to? Assembling some bed sheets and covers over a mattress seems easy, but you’d be surprised how many people just don’t do it right. Follow these steps when making your bed so that you get it right every time:

1. Make sure everything is off

Start with a blank canvas – a.k.a a naked mattress. You want nothing on the bed that will get in your way. That means remove all the blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals sitting on your mattress, so you have a clean slate to work with.

2. Put your fitted sheet on

First, identify your fitted sheet from your top sheet. The difference between the two lies in the corners. The fitted sheet has the elastic ends that make holding onto the mattress corners easy. Put the fitted sheet on by covering the mattress, one corner at a time. You may need to tug hard on the final corner to wrap it around, but otherwise, it should be easy. Make sure the sheet is without any wrinkles on top, so that the next steps go smoothly.

3. Lay out the top sheet

Lay the top sheet gently on top of the fitted sheet with the large hem at the top of the bed. Make sure the sheet is laid out evenly so there isn’t an awkward amount of the sheet hanging to one side of the bed. You could start by stuffing the sheet under the mattress – which is a slightly messy way to get it done. In order to make your bed perfectly, we highly recommend putting your sheets on with the hospital corners method. This will keep the sheet tight under your mattress while making it look very neat at the same time.

4. Put your bedspread, duvet, or comforter on last

This part is easy. Throw your blanket over the top sheet and spread it out so that it’s even on both sides. Make sure there aren’t any wrinkles by smoothing it out with your hands.

5. Add the pillows

Put the pillow sheets on your pillows and fluff them. The way you fluff a pillow is by placing your hands on separate ends of the pillow and squeezing the pillow together and pulling it apart. Do this a couple of times until the pillow looks fuller. Finally, place them next to each other at the top of the bed and you’re done!

Making your bed is an easy and quick daily task. Take a few minutes every day to make your bed and start your morning off feeling organized and productive!