How to Handle Sleep During the Daylight Saving Change

by Waverly Wilde

The greatest day of the year is just about here! After storing it away in March, we finally get to fall back and regain our hour of sleep this Sunday. It’s a wonderful, magical day, and one that we look forward to every year: There’s really nothing better than extra sleep!

But, even though extra sleep is great, it still can be an adjustment. If you are worried about how your sleep will change this time around, we went ahead and put together some tips to help you make the most of Daylight Saving Time ending and get you ready to be proactive before that extra hour hits.


Little By Little

If you are really concerned about the time change hitting your sleep life like a lightning bolt, you could take things easy. Instead of moving your sleep or waking time an hour all at once, you could start a few days earlier and slowly make the change a few minutes at a time. This way, it won’t be as sudden as of a switch!


Don’t Needlessly Nap

The time change doesn’t happen until late Saturday night, but there’s no need to anticipate it too much. Just because you are technically going to be going to bed an hour later, that doesn’t mean you should take a nap in the afternoon to prep for it! This could backfire, and have you up until the wee hours of the night. You don’t actually want to be awake at 2 a.m. to see the hours change!

Instead, enjoy the extra sleep and try to wake up at the adjusted time. This will help you get used to this being your new normal sleeping routine.


Lighten Up

Light plays a huge role in your sleep cycles, even if you don’t notice it. To help prep yourself for the change – and to stick to the change over the coming days – make sure you don’t turn off your lights too early and accidently prompt sleep to creep up. On the other side of the sheets, you also don’t want bright lights waking you up way too early in the morning, either. Make sure to close those curtains!


Master Your Mattress

No matter how much you do to prepare for sleep, however, all those efforts could be for naught. If your mattress has about as much give as a slab of granite, it’s probably long past time to throw it away. Lucky for you, we happen to have a wide range of mattresses, perfect for the end of Daylight Saving Time, or any time of the year, really!


In fact, you could take that extra hour you get this weekend and stop and check out some new mattresses for you and your family. There’s no better way to be sure you get some good rest this weekend! You’ll have more than enough time to browse all of our mattresses, and find ones that meet your unique sleep needs. That’s always our promise to our family of local customers!