Do I Really Need A Box Spring?

by Waverly Wilde

Ah, the age-old question of new mattress buyers: to box spring or not to box spring?

It’s a question without a simple answer, and what you decide is going to depend on you, your mattress, and the box spring itself. So do you really need a box spring to take home with that brand new mattress of yours? Let’s take a closer look and find out.


What is a Box Spring For?

The main functions of a box spring are to absorb the impact of getting in and out of bed every day (reducing wear and tear on your mattress) and giving your mattress a firm surface to rest on, so your body is better supported while you sleep. Plus, of course, they help lift you up off the ground and away from dust, dirt, and allergens that may be floating around down there. Yuck! This can be especially helpful during the summer – you’d be surprised how much cooler you’ll sleep with that little bit of extra ventilation!

These days, box springs are a little more advanced than the rickety boxes of the past (many of them opt for sturdy metal or wood rather than actual springs) but they still serve the same basic purpose: providing a little extra support for your body while you sleep.


What Mattresses Work Well with a Box Spring?

Most of them!

A sturdy foundation is an absolute must-have for any and all mattresses, and a box spring is the perfect option. In fact, many mattress warranties require you to use one as a universal standard to prevent unnecessary wear on the mattress.

Double-sided mattresses that can be flipped over do especially well on box springs. Though this type of mattress has largely fallen out of style, if you happen to own or buy one, you’ll want to invest in a good box spring. With most single-sided mattresses, having a box spring is not as important, as they typically come built-in with all the support a mattress needs on the underside. But providing a little extra cushion and support can be a big help.

Heavy foam mattresses especially tend to need the extra support a box spring provides. While a spring or hybrid mattress may do just fine on a slatted platform bed or even the floor, foam will tend to sag through the slats or squash against the ground. So do your mattress a favor and get a box spring!


So Do I Really Need One?

When it comes down to it, box springs aren’t an absolute necessity for many mattresses, but you will need some kind of supportive foundation one way or another. Depending on the mattress, you can always forgo a bit of comfort and ventilation and put your bed directly on the floor, or even on wood pallets, to firm up the mattress a bit. But if you want customized support that helps you sleep soundly and rest easy every night, you’ll want to invest in something a little more reliable.

Platform beds are another great option, as well as adjustable power foundations. Adjustable beds are the ultimate in comfort and support, letting you adjust your mattress depending on your needs. Some models even let you and your sleeping partner choose different positions, maximizing your comfort without going full-on 50’s sitcom couple. We have plenty of foundation options in store, and just as you should always test out a mattress before buying, you should always test out a bed frame too. Come have a snooze in our store and see which one feels best to you!


Whether you decide to go with a box spring or not, be sure to get a mattress that supports you just right, and a foundation that perfectly complements your mattress! Getting the right support is important, and that’s why our team is always ready to support you on your journey to better sleep with helpful blogs and expert advice in-store.

If you still can’t decide whether or not you want a box spring for your new mattress, come on down to our store! We can help you decide what type of foundation is just right for you – and offer you unbeatable selection and prices while we’re at it!