The Best Music to Listen to Before Bed

by Ronald Elias

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, falling asleep can be difficult.

Maybe your brain is just running and won’t stop. Maybe you have a big presentation at work tomorrow, or you are worried that your kid will get stage fright during her debut in the school play. No matter what the reason is, we know that you are in need of a solution and we’ve got one for you! Noise!

Well, not just any noise. Music is a great way to help calm your mind and get you ready for dream land. Forget counting sheep – instead count the beat! We’ve put together a few suggestions to help get you ready for sleep time and get the best rest possible.


Calming Music

This may not be a huge shock, but calming music is great for helping you get to sleep. Maybe it’s some background noise such as calming waves, a gentle breeze, or other ambient noise. Whatever it is, slow and zen music can help your brain and body get ready to sleep the night away.

Music isn’t the only weapon you have in your get-to-sleep arsenal, however. There’s another “m” word that will make a world of difference when it comes to getting some quality shut-eye – no no, it isn’t “mammoth.” It’s “mattress!” A new mattress can easily transform your sleeping life, and if you find yourself tossing and turning night after night, you might want to swing by and see how much better a new mattress feels.


Your Favorite Music

Calming music might not work for everybody. Instead, you may need to turn to something else – your favorite music. No matter what it is, your favorite music can have a calming effect on you, even if it is loud and fast and heavy hitting. When in doubt, go with what makes you comfortable, and see if listening to that as you fall asleep doesn’t help.

Setting a routine is also important, and music can play a key role in that. If you start the same album or playlist right before bed, this can act as a cue to help your body get ready to sleep. If you’ve found that you can’t sleep to a certain song or album, try another one until you find one that helps you drift off to la-la land.


Some Recommended Music

If you are looking for some specific recommendations, you just happen to be in luck! Why not check out this Sleep Tight playlist on Spotify? If that doesn’t do the trick, you could always check out this Deep Sleep playlist, or their top ranking sleep playlist!



Music can be a great aid in helping people who have trouble sleeping get the much-needed rest that they deserve. However, it’s only part of the formula when it comes to getting perfect sleep. As your friendly local mattress store, we are proud to offer the other part of the solution – brand-new top-quality mattresses! If you are struggling with sleep and can’t figure out why, stop on by and we’ll show you just how big of an impact a comfortable mattress can make in your life!