How to Get Rid of Bad Sleeping Habits

by Ronald Elias

Besides food, there’s nothing that we need more than sleep. And while it’s something that we do every day, busy lives and lack of knowledge about sleep science often lead people to fall into bad sleeping habits – and find it even harder to break out of them.

As your local go-to mattress masters, we want you to get the best sleep possible on one of our mattresses. And that means more than just selling you a mattress: It also means educating you on how to best use your mattress!

On that note, here are a few bad sleeping habits that are common, and how to try to stop them. Hopefully after reading this list you will be well on your way to many nights full of great sleep on an amazing mattress!


Not Having a Routine

Humans crave routine. That same adage is true when it comes to sleep, too. If you have one schedule during the week and then slip into another sleep pattern on the weekends, it can throw off your overall sleep patterns. It’s better to try to go to bed and wake up around the same time every day. This helps your body know when it is supposed to fall asleep and wake up.

Of course, there’s one routine that you only have to do every few years: Making sure you have a new mattress. If you aren’t getting the love and support you need from your mattress it is probably time to get a new one – stop on in today and we’ll help you find one that will help you fall asleep faster than, well, a sloth getting git with a tranquillizer.  


Drinking Before Bed

Nightcaps are quite common, and with the population’s constant reliance on coffee, people are filling their veins with caffeine at all hours of the day.

The problem is that both alcohol and caffeine mess with your sleep. If you really need to quench your thirst before bed, try some non-caffeinated tea. Tea can promote sleep, but won’t give you the negative effects that soda, coffee, or alcohol will.


Too Much Technology

There are a lot of bad sleep habit traps that are easy to fall into, but there’s probably one that is easier to fall into than the others: Bringing technology to bed with you.

Your bed should be for one thing only: Sleeping. TVs, video games, cell phones – pretty much anything electronic with a screen – should all be left far, far away from where you sleep.

We know, we know. It’s easy to sit there and scroll through Instagram as you start to doze off, and there’s nothing more satisfying than checking Twitter first thing in the morning to catch up on any news that you missed. But by keeping those devices close to your bed – and using them in bed – you are just hurting your own sleep life. Instead, try to limit the number of electronics in your bedroom, and cut off all screen time before you get into bed.


These are just a few ways to try to chase those bad sleep habits away. Of course, sometimes no matter what you do your sleep may still not improve, and when that happens it is time to get to the root of your problem: your mattress.

Our wide selection of mattresses includes options for everybody, and we’re confident we’ll be able to help you find one that will improve your sleep. Stop in today and you’ll be ready for a better sleep tonight!