Fall Asleep Easier with These Colors in Your Bedroom

by Cathy Carr

A bedroom with blue walls, blue carpet, and a blue comforter on a large bed.

The colors of your rooms shouldn’t just be a coincidence.

Each room of your house has a specific purpose, and the colors and theme of each room should reflect that purpose. This is even more true for your bedroom, where certain colors can help – or hinder – your ability to sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping -- and are in the home renovation mood -- here are just a few colors that can help give your bedroom a fresh start, and can also help stimulate soothing sleepiness.  


Blue (Da Ba De Da Ba Da)

Think of a nice relaxing scene. Maybe you are lying in a field of flowers, counting clouds that pass by in the wind. Or maybe you are relaxing on the beach, as the sound of the waves gently lulls you to sleep.

What do these scenes have in common? The color blue!

So, let’s find a way to get those scenic sky blue or ocean seaside blue colors in your bedroom all the time! If you are looking for a color to help make your bedroom a place of rest and respite, blue is totally the way to go. And you won’t have to worry about sand being coarse and rough and irritating and getting everywhere.


Try A Green Thumb

Now, this color doesn’t actually require you to have a green thumb – you’ll be able to sleep just as easily even if you keep killing plants, though that probably depends on how strong your conscience is.

The color green, however, is another great color choice for bedrooms. Green can help you relax, which is probably something you want to do as your start to wind down your day and get ready for bed.  

What’s not to like about green? It’s the color of grass, shamrocks, and money! And if you’re worried are worried that a new mattress might cost a lot of green, stop on by today! We’ll show you the best mattresses in the area – all at the best prices, too!


Orange You Glad I Finally Said Orange

Blue and green are nice colors and all, but we’re sure that there are some of you out there reading this that are hoping – nay, begging – for colors that are a little more interesting, a little brighter, a little closer to the warm side of the spectrum.

Well, here you go! Orange, of certain shades, is another good color pick for a bedroom. It can help you relax, aid digestive problems, andcombat the stresses of your daily life outside of the bedroom. All of those sound pretty good, if you ask us.

A white-walled bedroom with white comforter, pink pillows, and an orange circle chair.


Bonus Time: What Color Should You Avoid?


Yup. Purple is actually a stimulating color, and it can lead to realistic nightmares. And if there’s one thing that is certain to keep people from sleeping well, realistic nightmares are pretty high up there.

Now, hold on while we go quickly redesign our entire bedroom. Whoops.


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but color science is not. While of course we all want to sleep in a room that looks and feels like home, hopefully these tips will give you some color coordination that will help those restless nights turn into dream filled snoozefests.

And if changing the colors around doesn’t help, well then that’s what we are here for. Stop in today and we’ll help you find a mattress that will improve your sleep right away!