6 Ways to Check Your Mattress for Bed Bugs

by Product Specialist
6 Ways to Check Your Mattress for Bed Bugs

Your house is your sanctuary, but it doesn’t stop creepy crawlies from entering it. It’s easy handling ants, a few daddy long legs, and even the occasional flies now and again – but when a bed bug appears, it’s time to act quick! A single fertile female bed bug can lay around 2-5 eggs each day – making this an extreme problem if not dealt with. To prevent an infestation on your hands, here are a few ways to check for beds bugs in your mattress.

Step 1: Examine the linens with a flashlight

Take off all your bed’s blankets and sheets except for your fitted sheet that surrounds your mattress. Now’s the time to put on the latex gloves and get down to business. Grab a flashlight and start looking for bed bug excrement or bloodstain smudges. We know it’s gross, but things are going to get a lot worse if you don’t find out if your bed’s swarming with insects.

Step 2: Take off the other linens

6 Ways to Check Your Mattress for Bed Bugs

If you didn’t find any messes from the bed bugs on your sheet, move on to the mattress cover and do the same thing. Again, if there is nothing that you’ve found that’s even remotely bug-like, move on to the bare mattress. With your flashlight, continue the search for excrement, bloodstains, pieces of skin, and even eggs. Don’t forget to look in the seams of the mattress! This tends to be common place live ones will hide. It’s an awful job to do, but just remember, the sooner you do this, the sooner your mattress can be rid of any pesky pests.

Step 3: Don’t miss the tags!

There are a lot of details on a mattress that you don’t even realize are there and it’s important that you check each and every one of them during this process. Make sure to check the tags, any straps, buttons, zippers, and any other detail your mattress has. The more diligent you are, the better your results.

Step 4: Flip it

When we said check every detail, we meant EVERY detail. That includes flipping your mattress over and inspecting the other side of it. This is a chance to watch for frightened bugs making an escape for it. While your mattress is in the air, take a moment to also look at your bed frame to see if there are any tiny bugs in that area as well.

Step 5: Push away from the wall

Another place bed bugs like to go is against the wall, behind your bed. Push the frame and bed away from the wall and shine the light against the wall to check for more frightened bed bugs running away. If there are none in sight, give the wall a little inspection. You know the drill – check for excrement and bloodstains.

Step 6: Check under the bed

This is the last, and arguably the ickiest part. You’ll need to get on the ground to get close enough to check for bed bugs underneath the bed frame. They have an innate sense to go towards dark places, so this could be your jackpot. They could even be hiding in screw holes!

Nobody wants to check for bed bugs in the place where they sleep. But if you happen to think there’s a chance you have bed bugs, you’ll want to go through these steps. If you do end up by finding some unwanted travelers living in your bed, be sure to get in touch with a pest control service immediately!