Get Better Sleep in 5 Active Ways

by Product Specialist

Get Better Sleep in 5 Active Ways

Sleep is survival. Without it, we’d be crazy. Heck – without it we’d be dead! Sleep is key to keeping us sane and healthy, so ensuring your sleep routine is all squared away will make your life better. If your sleep life hasn’t been looking so hot, it’s time to take a step back and see what you can do. Sometimes exerting a bit of energy throughout the day can be just the trick to push you towards your dreams. With a little workout, you’ll produce endorphins which ultimately make you happy, reduce your stress levels, and help alleviate most sleep disorders. Check out these 5 simple exercises, that anyone can do, to help you relax and fall asleep faster.

1. Stretch and Meditate

Throughout the day, it’s not uncommon to get the feeling that your mind and body just aren’t on the same wavelength. By the end of the night, your mind might still be racing from work, while your body has been sluggishly sitting in front of a computer desk to lounging on a couch. Practicing yoga will help bring them together again while improving your breathing, flexibility, and calm your nerves.

2. Walk It Off

From walking to jogging, this cardio exercise will bring on the sweat and increase your heart rate. You don’t have to run to get a great workout – take the dog for a walk around the block or power walk during a short break at work!

3. Pumping Iron

Burning calories through weight lifting is perfect for tiring anyone out. It’s great to balance your cardio with a little strength training. Don’t fall for the common misconception that you have to join a gym to weight lift. Instead, get creative! Workout in your backyard and find a 5-pound rock to use. You could even search for a heavy book in the house to assist you in lifting. If you don’t want to join the gym, there are plenty of accessible heavy objects that can be utilized in your workout routine.

4. Just Keep Swimming

Get Better Sleep in 5 Active Ways

Here’s another cardio exercise that is fun and shown to get your heart rate up! Do a few laps or just doggy paddle - you can’t really go wrong with swimming. You’ll rest like a baby after a day or even just thirty minutes of swimming.

5. Jump and Skip

If you were ever a kid, then you’ve probably skipped some rope before. Jump rope is a playful way to get your sweat on, and in just a short amount of time. Just give yourself a quick ten minutes out of your day and you’re golden!

It’s hard starting a workout routine, so do your best to stay strong and motivated! Take small steps towards your goal and soon you will achieve it. It’s important to note that if you don’t feel a difference after one day of exercising, just be patient and give it some time. With regular exercise you will begin to notice the benefits kicking in.