3 Ways to Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

by Product Specialist IV

3 Ways to Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

3 Ways to Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

Are you stumped on how to clean your memory foam mattress? If you’ve tried methods which only left you disappointed, don’t give up just yet. It’s still a necessary task even though cleaning your memory foam mattress can be challenging due to its delicate structure. Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses cannot just be thrown into the washing machine. A different method must be used to properly care for your mattress. Also, for better hygiene, and to keep allergies at bay, it’s important to clean your memory foam mattress correctly. Here are three ways to properly clean your memory foam mattress.

Before you, begin, make sure you have the necessary materials needed to get the job done. Luckily, most of these items are common household items and may already be in your pantry.

The list includes:

• Vacuum

• White vinegar

• Laundry detergent

• Wash cloth

• Towel

• Spray bottle

• Water

1. Utilize Your Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t underestimate your trusty vacuum cleaner! Vacuuming will often save you a lot of effort. Use your vacuum cleaner once a week to help remove any dust or debris that exists on the mattress surface. Place mattress on clean, dry, smooth surface to begin. Using a water based vacuum cleaner is also advisable, but always remember to leave the mattress to dry for several hours before using. Also, vacuum on both sides for better results.

2. Spot Clean

Use a white vinegar and water solution to remove dark or visible spots. Start by diluting the vinegar with a small amount of water. Use a damp wash cloth to then scrub the area until the spot is removed completely. After spot cleaning, spray the location with a laundry detergent and water solution until damp. While using circular hand movements, rub the detergent so that it saturates into the stain to dissolve it from the inside. Leave it for 30 minutes to chemically dissolve stains. After 30 minutes, spray water onto the area until the soapy layer is removed. Then blot and dry with soft absorbent towel.

Baking soda mixed with water is also a great natural solution and an essential ingredient in almost any cleaning situation. Start by mixing one part of baking soda with two parts of cold water and stir it until the baking soda dissolves and the solution turns into a white color. Start to work on the stains with gentle movements of your hand and repeat the process until you get as much of the solution as possible on the stain as well as the area around the stained space.

Work on stain until detergent is dissolved and repeat process for best results.

Leave your mattress in an airy room to dry.

3. Mattress Topper Cover

To keep your bedding nice and clean, use a mattress topper cover. This helps to keep your mattress in perfect shape. The best thing about a mattress topper cover is that they can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine. Covers can be cleaned as often as necessary without the risk of damage.